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Gestational Carriers

A wonderful way to help a family in need

Becoming a Surrogate

Have you ever considered to become a surrogate?  Would you like to give them a gift of life?  If you like to help others to build a family or just want to learn more about surrogacy please contact us.

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Basic Qualifications

Here are some basic qualifications to become a gestational carrier:

  • Between the age of 21 to 40 and in a good health

  • Gave birth to and is currently raising at least one child

  • Previous pregnancy was relatively smooth and free of complication

  • Live in a healthy and supportive environment 

Gestational Carriers: Services



You may earn up to $40,000 for each successful surrogacy journey.  (Compensations reflect past experiences, residency, and other qualifications.)  Intended parents will provide maternity care and related insurance coverages.  Most of all, you know because your generous gift you have helped to complete another family.

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