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One Village Surrogacy

OVS is a boutique surrogacy and reproductive consulting firm that specializes in assisting intended parents to complete their families.  We are your trusted friend and navigator on this complex and rewarding journey.  Different from large fertility clinics and surrogacy agencies, we offer customized services for you.  Our client's interests are our number one priority.  OVS will help you to select the best fertility clinic to meet your specific needs and the ideal gestational carrier who will fulfill your dream of becoming a parent.  

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About us

One Village Surrogacy is dedicated to help men and women who dream of becoming parents through assisted reproductive technology (ART).  Our name reflects our belief that it takes a village, a group of dedicated and loving individuals to raise a child.  

Our team is uniquely qualified to assist you.  Most of our staff have experienced the process of ART themselves.   We understand you because we have been there ourselves.  

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David Tsung, PharmD


David graduated from University of Maryland Baltimore School of Pharmacy with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.  He has been working as a clinical pharmacist in family practice and internal medicine assisting patients with diverse health conditions; establishing his deep knowledge of the U.S. healthcare and insurance systems.  His 20+ years of practice makes him uniquely qualified to help his clients understand and navigate these complex systems.  

Through assisted reproductive technology, David and his family welcomed their son, Milo, into their lives in 2018.  This joyous experience inspired David to help other families who are pursuing a similar journey.  He understands, first hand, that having a child through ART is a large financial and emotional undertaking.  His goal is simple, help others experience the joy of parenthood for themselves.   

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Samantha Diaz

Surrogate Coordinator

Samantha was trained as a certified nursing assistant and worked at a well-known facility for many years before she pursued her lifelong calling.  Now, she is a proud mother of a three-year old young man, Walter.  She loves her son and family.  She spends most of her spare time with them.  

The idea of bringing a child into a loving home always interested Samantha.  A year after she had Walter, Samantha couldn’t wait to share the joy of parenthood with a deserving family.  In early 2017, she decided to become a surrogate and in May of 2018 gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy for that family.  Through this experience she developed a healthy relationship with that family she helped.  Her purpose is to connect loving gestational carriers with the deserving families who need their assistance. 


Angie Tsai

Client Educator

Angie graduated from University of Washington and Bastyr University.  She earned a degree in nutritional science.  She has been working as a registered dietician for many years.  Through her formal education and work experience Angie has established herself as a respected educator. 

Through assisted reproductive technology Angie and her family welcomed twins into their lives in early 2019.  Angie loves to share her knowledge and personal experience with other families and gestational carriers.  Her passion is educating others so they can have a positive experience like hers. 

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